Your muffler serves an important purpose on your vehicle  Рreducing noise pollution. Noise pollution is a major issue in urban areas. You may not think that noise pollution is a huge risk but the reality is much different. A recent study published by the World Health Organization found that long term exposure to noise pollution resulted in reduced concentration, lower productivity, hearing damage, and cardiovascular disease.

Your muffler utilizes a technique known as acoustic dampening to keep your car sounding ultra quiet. Sound dampening works by reducing sound vibrations by creating counter sound waves. Sound waves can be canceled out by creating an opposite but equal wave. This is similar to how your noise-canceling headphones operate.

Rainbow Muffler Jacksonville

Rainbow Muffler Jacksonville

A muffler accomplishes this task through the use of acoustic tubes. These tubes are finely tuned to reflect your engines sound waves. Your engines sound actually moves down your tailpipe faster than the exhaust because of back pressure. These bursts of exhaust combine with other molecules in the tailpipe before leaving your vehicle. Your muffler tunes the sound wave frequency and regulates the air pressure created by your exhaust.

Common Problems

Now that you understand the important role your muffler plays, its time to learn about some common issues associated with muffler failure. The number one reason for muffler failure is rust. Your mufflers location places it right in line with all the dirt, grime, and water you encounter on your daily drives.

Rust and other road damage can cause holes in your muffler. Think of your muffler like a finely tuned flute. When another hole is added, the entire flute is unable to tune the air properly. The air will escape from the point of least resistance. This non-mufflered exhaust will sound many times louder than when sent through the muffler.

Symptoms of a Bad Muffler

It’s very easy to tell when your muffler isn’t functioning. Your car will sound embarrassingly loud. Additionally, you may notice that your engine’s exhaust is escaping from the sides of your vehicle instead of from the tailpipe. When you notice these symptoms, its time to take your vehicle to a certified professional. Here at Rainbow Muffler we can help you verify if your muffler is functioning properly at no charge.

Types of Mufflers

There are many different types of mufflers available. You can choose your muffler based on factors such as performance, acoustics, and even styling. Below are some of the most popular styles of mufflers available on the market today.

  • Cherry Bomb
  • Louvered Bullet Mufflers
  • Chambered Bullet Mufflers
  • Full case Mufflers
  • Multi-Baffled Mufflers
  • Turbo Mufflers
  • Single vs Dual Exhaust

Single exhaust mufflers are the most common type of muffler used today. In the case of high-performance vehicles, dual mufflers allow for better performance. Both types of exhaust systems come in high-performance variations.

Mufflers – Keeping You Safe

Your muffler does its part to keep you safe. Harmful noise pollution is a serious issue that can lead to permanent health problems. Now you’re ready to learn how your catalytic converter reduces the harmful pollutants exiting your vehicle.

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