Having a positive relationship with your auto technician can help you relax and keep your car running smoothly. When your vehicle starts making strange noises or refuses to start, you’ll know where to go for help. Taking your car to the garage for routine auto maintenance can also keep it healthy and running longer. It should also help you save money on total car ownership costs by preventing costly repairs in the future. So, how do you find a reliable mechanic? Here is some helpful advice on the matter at hand:

Get Suggestions

The first thing to consider is people you know. Friends and family members’ recommendations should be prioritized. Word of mouth is the best method to find or acquire a mechanic referral. You should ask folks you know, how delighted they are with the service stations where they get their automobile repaired. You may find that a lot of your friends go to the same garage. This will make the decision much easier for you. Rainbow Muffler provides fast friendly service at competitive pricing.

See if the Mechanic is Certified

After you’ve compiled a list of names, research each one. To begin, check to see if the mechanic is certified by the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE). This is a major deal at most shops, and it should be for you as well. ASE-certified mechanics have completed training to ensure they are capable to repair your vehicle safely. All Rainbow mechanics are ASE-certified.

The Right Mechanic - Rainbow Muffler

The Right Mechanic – Rainbow Muffler

If your state requires repair shops to be licensed or registered, the Federal Trade Commission recommends checking whether the shop has a current license in addition to seeking ASE-certified technicians. In addition to a mechanic’s overall training and experience, you should evaluate his or her experience with your specific make and model. If you drive a high-end or imported vehicle, this is extremely critical.

Make Sure You’re Well-Informed and Expect the Same from Your Mechanic

Even if you aren’t an expert in auto repair, you can provide expertise to the shop when you drop off your vehicle. The maintenance service schedule in your vehicle’s owner’s manual lists the work that has to be done at specific mileage intervals. It’s a red flag if your mechanic suggests you pay for additional services outside of these.

Repairs that aren’t part of routine maintenance, on the other hand, do happen. Look up ballpark costs for specific repairs on the internet, and keep a careful record of previous tuneups and replacements. Be wary of a mechanic who suggests you require a repair you’ve already had done.

Ask Good Questions

There are a few more questions you should ask after you’ve determined what brought you to the shop. First, see if the service your mechanic performs is covered by your vehicle’s factory or extended warranty. Before permitting any work to be done, drivers should request a pricing quote, ideally split down into parts and labor. If you’re given a single high number, it’s recommended to inquire about the parts and labor included in that price. It’s also good to go a step further and ask for a written estimate.

Test Them

Before you need an emergency repair, look for a mechanic. This provides you greater leeway when evaluating an auto shop or trying it out on a smaller job. It could also be beneficial financially. Make an appointment for routine maintenance. Someone who changes your oil can also alert you to future repairs. For example, you can better budget for new tires or exhaust if you know you’ll need them in the coming months.

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